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    Couldn't Leave HVAC When I tried

         When I turned 18 years old, I was already in the HVAC industry for a couple of years. I took a look around, and noticed a lot of broken down old men - not much unlike how I am feeling these days, and vowed to make a change. I was on one of many commercial jobs being run by the mechanical company I was working for, peered around at the other trades and started asking questions.

         I thought I had it all planned out - I was going to become an electrician! They were paid well and much cleaner/happier. Also, a lot of my friends were heading off to college that Fall, and due to some family circumstances and lack of education around college options, I found myself looking to the U.S. Marines to cover the costs. So, knowing just enough about The Service to be dangerous, I signed on being guaranteed the Utilities Field, in which Marine Electrician was covered. The hours of training and service would be counted towards my state license!

         Over a span of a few months, I was transformed into one of the world’s most feared and revered fighting machines. Once completing Marine Combat Training, Marines are assigned their Marine Occupational Specialty (MOS). If anyone reading this has seen the movie: Full Metal Jacket, it was a moment right from the flick. With the entire Platoon sitting in the bleachers in the middle of nowhere, North Carolina, the Instructor yells out: Morin, 1161, Refrigeration Mechanic! Immediately, I jumped up and questioned the assignment, as I was ‘guaranteed’ Marine Electrician? The Warrior, almost smiling, loudly explained: I was guaranteed the Utilities Field and it was up to "The Needs of the Marine Corps, Son!”. So, this was the moment that I decided I was meant to be in HVAC. A bit defeated, I audibly sighed and committed to not only be a participant but instead a Leader - no matter where this industry steered me!