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    How can I compete & still do jobs right?

    I think we all understand to complete a ducted system replacement or installation correctly, it takes time and resources that the low bidder just does not have. Of course, this implies to do things right you are not the low bidder! So, how do you sell a quality installation?

    Fortunately, EnergyStar is looking after you. Take a look at this checklist, use it on your sales calls, and explain to the customer the quality component of your business. Make sure your customer can easily compare what you do versus the low bidder, and talk about "what is in it for them". If you are confident in your quality services and pricing, you may encourage the customer to seek additional quotes! The candor and professionalism can be refreshing, and gain the trust in a process filled with skepticism. Of course, always be sure take advantage of financing & rebates!