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    5 Resources
    I Read/Listen To
    Every Week
    2020 'Stay-at-Home' Edition

    Successful people in our industry have an undying thirst for knowledge, and my curiosity and quest to always be an industry expert leads me to resources that can be considered outside of HVAC. Of course, I stay current with all things HVAC - but so does everyone else with ambition in our industry! So how can you stay a step ahead of most? Learn what you can from others and apply them as fast as possible!

    DarrenDaily Podcast - I recently read Darren Hardy's book, 'The Compound Effect' and found my way to his podcast.  Darren is self described as a success mentor, offering 5 new short podcasts each work day throughout the week.  I often find myself binging the previous week as they are typically 5 minutes a piece.  My favorite was titled 'Make Today Your Best Day', which I even shared with my Mother!

    Focus On This Podcast -  For anyone that has seen me within the last 3 years at work, you have likely noticed I carry an 'old school' paper planner called 'Full Focus Planner' by Michael Hyatt & Co.  What some may not have known, unless they patiently let me preach to them about it, is that the planner is more of a system & my not-so-secret weapon to my personal success and goal achievements.  This relatively new podcast goes out each Monday, covering a topic of the planner and incorporates actual user's feedback.  If you are interested in having a process, and crushing your goals every week/month/quarter/year, try listening to a couple of these. 

    After all, 'A goal without a plan is just a wish.' - Antoine de Saint-Exupery - Another website & podcast I found after reading his self-improvement book, 'High Performance Habits' by Brendon Burchard.  This site is a great resource to find some motivation and real advice from the world's most followed performance coach.  Brendon tends to be very direct, not unlike myself, which is probably why I like his style and lack of fluff in his material.  Brendon offers his guidance via video, books, blog, courses, and even keynotes...

    Libby (App); Library ebooks & audiobooks - Did you know you can access thousands of books for free at this place called a Library?!  Been around for over a 160 years since the first one opened in Peterborough, NH for the U.S.  I know, this shouldn't be news, but there is no excuse not to read (other than the fact they are closed across the country at the moment due to COVID-19).  In the meantime, your library card is valid for digital books and audiobooks!  I have a lot of windshield time during the week (typically), so I can burn through a couple audiobooks.  That would be too expensive for me to justify, but not if they were free!  Right now I am listening to 'How Successful People Think' by John C. Maxwell - so you will have to wait until I return it before you can gain that knowledge...

    The Chris Hogan Show -  Yes, I know - another podcast...but this one is probably the most important in this list if you haven't checked it out.  Chris Hogan is the author of 'Everyday Millionaires', discussing the largest study of Millionaires in the U.S.  Chris is part of the Dave Ramsey Team, and preaches Dave's financial planning.  I have to say, having goals for your money/financial future, is extremely important - particularly with today's context.  If you don't have a plan, you don't need to pay someone (at first, you may find it helpful when you accumulate significant assets)!  Try Chris Hogan for some money motivation, and stick to a plan - not react to market conditions, etc. and lose out on opportunity!

    Please, if you have a resource that you make a habit to read or listen to, would you share with the HVAC Pro Blog Community?  I wouldn't mind hearing about some HVAC specific spots - but other life focused areas would be better...which is your favorite?

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